It's hard to pay attention to what you are eating. It takes work. It takes planning. (It does help to have a system to follow, a coach and lots of friends to help keep you accountable. Just sayin'.) Most of us wait until we're hungry and then we let our cravings decide. There's a better way, but before we get into that, let's take a look at the science. Nutrition is what the body recognizes as fuel. Essential Nutrients cannot be created by the body in sufficient quantities, so we have to get them from our diet. You've heard of Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Water. I'm sure you also know about the Macronutrients, which are needed in large quantities: Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat and Water. Macrominerals are needed in medium quantities: Calcium, Salt, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Chloride and Sulfer. Finally, the most important and most neglected essential nutrients in our diet are the Micronutrients: Vitamins (organic) and Minerals (inorganic.)


Why do we need essential nutrients throughout the day? Your body is constantly rebuilding itself at a rate of one billion new cells every minute. Don't you want these new cells to be stronger and healthier, so that you can replace those tired old struggling broken down cells? Your body is going to continue to make new cells, whether you feed them or not. Sure, you seem to get along just fine eating junk food, but what's really going on internally? I believe the obesity epidemic is not because we eat too much food, it's because our food is nutritionally bankrupt. Remember, your body is in control. When you don't provide it with the right nutrition, it will never be satisfied, and you will continue to eat more.


We all love food, and the last thing I want to do is take that away from you. There just happens to be a way that you can get all the good nutrition you need and have room for the fun food too! You see, this nutritional cleansing program is not a diet. It works the opposite way. First you add the nutrition, then the cravings go away, and you feel better so you naturally start to make healthier choices. It doesn't mean you can't eat pizza, it just means that when you do you won't eat as much because you don't feel the need to.


Personally, I don't like taking the time to find healthy recipes and look all over the place to find each of the 90 essential nutritients.  (Click on the basic good groups below for more details.) Here's an interesting fact for you to chew on: If you were to get all of the FDA's recommended nutrition from just food, you'd have to eat 10,000 calories a day. It just doesn't work for me.  

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Calories are used to measure the amount of energy we get from protein, carbs, fat and alcohol. If too few calories are consumed, the body has to obtain the nutrients it needs to function from within. When you are stealing essential nutrients from your body, things start to break down. Muscle breaks down when you don't get enough protein. Bones deteriorate without sufficient calcium.  

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     VITAMINS                                                            MINERALS


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When I started my journey with Isagenix and had such amazing results, I had to know why. I learned that the secret to transforming your health is very simple: partner with a company that spends $2 million dollars a year on scientific research, clinical studies, quality control and third party testing and has a proven system using the highest quality no compromise ingredients. (There's only one and it's Isagenix.) We all know about carbs, protein, fat and fiber, and even basic vitamins. What I did not know was that there are ninety essential nutrients that your body needs every day, and sixty of them  are trace minerals. Sixty! You will find just a few interesting facts on this site to give you basic idea of how complex and miraculous your body is. There is no one magic pill. I rely on the expertise of a team of  more than 50 full-time scientists and technical staff: nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists, biochemists, chemists, organic chemists, biologists and toxicologists with more than 200+ combined years of experience, and  it all started with John Anderson.






















Stop trying to figure it all out. I'll be honest, and when I first started building this website, I wanted all of the information to come from sources other than Isagenix. I had no previous knowledge about the company, and I did not want to be influenced. This little exercise took me a year and a half, but it served as validation for me that Isagenix is truly unique. If you take the time to research as I have you will be amazed.


We are facing a health crisis. It is my goal to help turn this around by providing information that could change your life. Your body is designed to heal, rejuvenate and replenish itself. By providing optimal nutrition you are giving it the fuel it needs to thrive. There's an easy, cost effective way to do this and it's called Isagenix. 


Unfortunately, the FDA calculates the nutritional percentages on a food label by the weight of the food. (It should be calculated by the percentage of calories.) Look at the label on a gallon of 2% milk: by weight, the fat is 2% because of the water content. Water has no calories. If you go by percentage of the substances that do have calories, as in fat, protein and carbs, you can determine the actual amounts to be compared. Take away the water and guess what? That 2% fat is actually 35%.

Easy Nutrition Basics from the Isagenix Research and Science Team

If you still think it's about calories, read on!